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Hospitality Community post Covid @AHIC 2021

 AHIC 2021 was the first event in the region to bring the Hospitality sector together in the post Covid era. Our presence with Toggle Hospitality was an opportunity to listen to our customers, keep an open eye to new developments in the industry.

Written on September 28, 2021

Fuad Sajdi, CEO of Toggle Market at the Arabian and African Hospitality Conference 2021 (AHIC) as positive signs of recovery are spreading, and to showcase our premier platform Toggle Hospitality which helps hotel developers and hoteliers simplify their procurement process from sourcing products directly from manufacturers to managing the physical transfer of goods with tech-enabled solutions.

Although impact of Covid-19 on the hospitality sector worldwide has been immense with increased pressure on supply chains where resilience has been severely tested, the sector has taken a lead in securing and making safe their properties and venues for guests, and also by increasingly being open to digital solutions.

Latest Figures of Global Hotel Pipleine

In 2022, figures show that 3,122 new hotel openings with 476,185 rooms are expected to open, with 1,008 of these openings located in the USA.


For 2023, we are forecasting 2,890 new hotels, accounting for 468,645 rooms, opening around the world. Q2 2021 states that the total global hotel construction pipeline stands at 13,420 projects/2,253,499 rooms.


As part of our coordinated outreach efforts to cater to this pipeline, our team is providing daily demos on how ToggleHospitality can save hospitality buyers and suppliers both time and money, and streamline their procurement process.

ToggleHospitality is suitable whatever stage of development you are in –  whether you are at pre-opening stage or operational – and can cater to a range of hospitality outlets from hotels, resorts, restaurants, spas, cruise lines, or any of the many fantastic hospitality outlets that make up this industry.

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